Document Management

We can help you control the cost and secure movement of documents

How do the documents and information they contain, move through your organisation?

Is their journey risk free and assured or does it give you cause for concern?

At DOTS, our Document Management solutions can transform the way you manage your documents. Whatever their format and path, we can help you record, control, access and archive the data they contain, substantially increasing your productivity, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Our professional 7 step approach to Document Management can help you:

• Digitise documents in any format as soon as they enter your organisation.

• Enjoy instant access to your fully tracked electronic document.

• Significantly reduce the time it takes for documents to be handled, stored and shared.

• Save money due to improved processes.

• Ensure compliance with data storage with legally certified processes.

• Improve user and customer experience with instant, user-friendly access to your data.

• Bulk scan your existing paper documents as you move to digitisation.

Six steps to Document Management success

Have you ever thought how much your paper filing cabinets and document storage are costing you? Do you want to improve how you work and find information?

Our Document Management solutions can help your organisation improve processes and productivity, unrecognisable from the current organised chaos.

Let us  solve your filing issues with our 6 step approach:

Document Management

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