The DOTS UK Environmental Promise

At Dots UK, we are aiming to reduce the size of print fleets, reduce paper usage and eliminate waste, this focus will help to reduce energy consumption. We often find that this environmental goal also reduces costs yet, improves print quality and your business’ efficiency.

We evaluate our suppliers’ environmental initiatives extremely carefully when selecting our partner portfolio. We ensure any chosen partner employ a systematic program of internal measures, including walking engineers, wherever practical, and offer remote diagnostics procedures, to minimise our impact on the world around us.

We partner with manufacturers who reflect our own commitment in their product development and are working with CO2 balancing programmes, offsetting the carbon value of output against donations to third world sustainable energy projects.

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At Dots UK, we offer free environmental communications audits!

We are completely independent, so we can consult, design and build solutions for individual client requirements where the environmental impact is the primary driver. We are one of the few organisations in the industry offering free environmental communications audits and in some cases gaining EU grants to reduce the cost even further. We respect the world we live in and expect our Manufacturer partners and customers to do the same.