National Business Case Study

By February 11, 2019Case Studies

Dots secured the business of a major Plc business in the finance sector.

Current Scenario

Like most businesses both large and small, there was no co-ordinated strategy for producing prints and copies. This business had a mixture of copiers and small networked printers. The cost of running the old fleet was astronomical. On top of all of this, the service on the machinery was poor and the copiers and printers were very unreliable.

Print Audit

DOTS began the process of a detailed cost site survey and print audit using the latest page counting software. Visiting each location, talking with the local staff and management the DOTS consultants began the painstaking task of finding a solution that met with all their needs. After gathering page use, cost data and site layouts DOTS produced a detailed report to the Board outlining their findings and recommendations.

New Solution

DOTS removed the existing kit and installed a central colour MFD star that could print, scan and fax, in strategic locations. The fax was set up to receive the incoming data and e-mail immediately to the manager’s e-mail, ensuring no correspondence would ever be lost. DOTS installed a print control software designed to reduce waste and allow ‘follow-me’ printing. The clients staff were fully trained ensuring smooth transition. The IT department had direct access to support form both the DOTS and manufacturer IT help desk. Service via the DOTS help-desk ensured all staff only had to make one phone call irrespective of kit type or location.


The DOTS solution transformed why this business operated their print fleet. As a bonus the client also made a significant saving. One of the Directors commented “The new managed Fleet from DOTS has proven to be superb. Basically, we brought our business and practices up to date- and saved money”. “Support service UK wide is below a 4 hour call out time and with only one invoice for everything each quarter. We now have a reliable and cost effective system that we never had before.” Full references are available on request.