Mobile Print Solutions

We can help your organisation be more agile and responsive with effective Mobile Print Solutions

At Dots UK, we believe that mobile working helps staff be flexible, enabling your organisation to deliver better services to customers. This is where our mobile print solutions come in.

With our mobile print solutions, your staff can instantly print to any of your printers (BYOD). The result is a more time-efficient workforce thus ending the rigidity of desk-based working, delivering a productive workforce able to work faster and incurring lower costs.

Printing from a (BYOD) device — how it works

1. Staff can select the document from their device — including from the web and cloud.

2. User then sends the document to print from any mobile device to any of your printers, at any of your sites, using auto-discover to fi nd their nearest devices.

3. User authenticates themselves at the printer of choice, at which point the print job is released.

Keeping your mobile workforce moving at full speed

Adopting a mobile print strategy allows organisations to reduce their overheads while delivering a managed print policy, with no productivity reduction.

• Reduces your overall IT budget and lowers print device dependency.

• Secure print release (with authentication) keeps documents secure and
ensures compliance.

• Mobile print can integrate with existing systems — enabling full tracking and control.