Small Business Case Study

By May 24, 2019Case Studies

Current Scenario

The local business had a typical scenario, using cheap desktop printers but not realising the true ‘cost of ownership. Apart from expensive printer toner the customer had slow print speeds, poor print quality and no service on any products.

The company also had a poor level of IT support and still operated a paper based filing system.

New Solution

DOTS removed the existing kit and installed four fast MFD that could print and scan.

DOTS IT installed Document Management System allowing instant retrieval of all documents from the content. DOTSHUB also acts a mini server to store securely all scans and documents. The ensure the data is safe, DOTS IT also installed cloud storage.


The customer was immediately brought ‘up to date’, with faster print and scan speeds using DOTS Managed Print Program plus the instant file access, staff productivity was increased.

With the new MFD and Scan Software installation DOTS saved the company over £10,000 per year.