Document and Device Security

At Dots UK, we can help you deliver your document data security and compliance

Security breaches happen with modern technology no organisation is immune.
There are steps you can take which will boost your document security and keep you compliant.

Protecting Your Data – 6 Top Tips

Most MFDs (multifunction devices) automatically store an image of every single document they handle on their HDD. If the data was lost you could be at serious risk of a security breach. Here at DOTS UK, we can help.

1. All documents held on devices’ hard drives can be encrypted, rendering them impossible to decipher.

2. Secure print jobs are only released when the author authenticates at the device.

3. Print jobs can be Securely Stamped identifying the owner.

4. MFD can be configured to auto-delete print jobs and scans.

5. The DOTS MFD SECURE solution will alert your IT team if the MFD is tampered with.

6. MFD anti phishing virus software.

Document and Device Security that covers you from all angles

Protecting our clients’ data is by far the most important part of our approach to ensuring your organisations resilience. For every customer, we identify and then delete any gaps in their data security.