Secure Print and Release

Save time, money and resources with secure print and release

It’s important to know who has access to what within your infrastructure, regardless of your company’s size. Deploying a secure print and release service lets you manage your printer infrastructure and enables you to monitor your employees’ print behaviour and assign user access rights.

Of all your organisations assets, it’s possible that data is your most valuable and vulnerable. Even something as simple as printing or scanning can leave your data open to theft. When you’re working with sensitive information you need to know your data is secure. You need to ensure you have advanced security for both your network and print device, protecting your documents, data and corporate information.

DOTS UK’s secure printer solutions allow you to optimise your print environment. The easy to use interface shows you which of your Multi-Function Printers are being used most often. By requiring your users to identify themselves when they want to print, scan or copy, you can produce reports that show you who is printing what and which areas of the organisation are printing the most.

Secure print release and pull printing – how it works

1. User sends document to print.
2. Print job is held in a central queue until authentication.
3. User chooses whichever device is least busy and most convenient, then authenticates at the device ( by Fob, Pin code, AD or network login) to release the print job.

Reducing risk and waste to boost your organisations resilience

Secure print release enables staff to print confidentially to any device ending to the era of costly personal printers. Additional security is provided by tracking and control of exactly who is doing what, with which document, every step of the way.

• Upon authentication users can select individual jobs to release or have all their jobs automatically print, while uncollected jobs are auto-deleted.

• Flexible features allow users to access all printer features from all platforms including mobile devices (BYOD).

• Fewer uncollected print jobs means a cost reduction of up to 30% with less wasted paper, toner and staff resources.

• Print costs can be automatically allocated to a specific department or job code