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dokoni FIND

The DOTS team has extensive knowledge of dokoni FIND. Below we have a summary of this search solution’s features however if you would like to find out more about how it could work for your business, please get in touch with a member of staff to discuss your requirements.

How does dokoni FIND search for and manage information?

Getting instant access to all your information via a mobile device or workstation is quick and simple with dokoni FIND. It is smart alternative to an office filled with paperwork as with a single interface, you and your employees can log in and get instant results via a powerful search engine. There are hundreds of compatible file formats that the tool can find and retrieve in real time from your connected repositories. Time spent by workers searching for specific information is valuable time wasted, and since they are generally looking in an average of 6-12 locations it is wise to streamline the whole process with one full-text search. Being able to instantly access information is all the more important during discussions with customers and results in a more professional service.

With dokoni FIND there is no need to move any of your data or adopt any new methods for saving or tagging your documents. The system works with your existing security software and data is only made available to authorised users. It is easy to scale up dokoni FIND to meet your needs and it offers universal data access. The smart search software also uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to look deep inside each file for total data visibility.

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