Scanning Solutions

Like Google, we can give you instant access to your documents through our scanning solutions service.

Too many organisations still waste time searching for filed documents. Yet scanning documents and filing (indexing) can itself be a time-consuming task. This is where our scanning solutions service comes in.

DOTS UK scanning hardware and software solutions can resolve all your issues. We can help you capture, store and retrieve your data with ease and lightning speed.

Flexible functionality fuelling productivity

We will work with you to pinpoint the right scanning solution for your particular needs.

• Multi destination scanning delivers accurate to scan to email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, USB or wherever the data is required.

• Dual scan document feeders enable users to scan double-sided originals at up to 12,000 images per hour (IPH).

Your data made searchable yet safe

Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) data can be found and pulled from within documents and attached in seconds.

Our search tools allow access to important data for your staff reducing the risk posed by security breaches, lost paper files and physical events such as theft or fire.

DOTS Scan software can be integrated with other systems so that specific data is filed directly into a CRM or accounts package for example.

Please ask us about our DOTSHUB technologies.