DOTS Service

Dedication to service will ensure a long lasting business relationship. DOTS mission is to provide fantastic customer service. Our fully trained technicians work tirelessly to ensure we deliver our promise. Our client service team now totals over 2000 personnel across the UK. Service and customer care are fundamental to our business. DOTS only use manufacturer employed and trained technicians. DOTS always have the best people working for our clients – with no break in the supply chain.

DOTS now offer the latest remote diagnostic monitor toner levels, meter readings and machine fault alerts. Our recent client survey gave  feedback such as ‘partner’, ‘professional’ and ‘excellent’, with our focus on a fast first time fix  and maximum machinery ‘up time’ we will ensure this outstanding service continues.

Buy with Confidence

After stringent inspections and audit of our company procedures, processes and documentation we have been approved by Trading Standards. This means you can buy with confidence from us with the knowledge that we are a reputable business that cares about our customers and are committed to supplying a high standard of care.